Juniors BJJ

Juniors Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Ages 7-14): Building upon the skills gained in the Might Mites program, the Black Hole Juniors curriculum takes full advantage of the lengthier running time (this is a 60 minute class as opposed to a 30 minute one) and adds physical fitness, drilling, and monitored sparring components into the educational mix. The techniques and concepts covered also respect the student’s enhanced retention potential and burgeoning ability to chain movesets together independent of explicit instruction. The focus on the class is still fun, but there is more to learn and more room to develop individualized approaches to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu even at this young age. The increased scope of technique does not indicate a relaxing of emphasis on personal development, with the structure, discipline, and character-honing work begun at the Mighty Mites level still remaining at the forefront of any participation in the Juniors Program. Competing is explored at this stage as well, however it never becomes a requirement or sole focus of what Black Hole is trying to achieve with this curriculum. Previous membership in the Mighty Mites program is not a prerequisite for success in Juniors Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, as many of our finest students have come directly into this level of practice and found delightful levels of success.

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