Mighty Mites BJJ

3-6 Years Old
Class Time: 30 Minutes

Mighty Mites (Ages 3-6): In this 30 minute class, children are brought to Jiu Jitsu through the use of games and measured repetition of concepts in order to ensure lasting learning is taking place. Hand-eye coordination, listening skills, and conceptualized learning are all integrated to facilitate both a worthwhile experience for the students as well as a solid foundation for development into the Juniors Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Program. Respect, focus, and good sportsmanship are natural by-products of these classes; the children have fun, but they also LEARN and RETAIN. Interoperable skills such as counting, raising hands to speak in a group setting, and collective problem solving with peer partners are all found within the fun, physically active package of the Mighty Mites curriculum. Attention spans can vary to a great degree at this stage of childhood development, which is why the class length is kept slightly leaner that other programs; however, care is taken by all instructors to tailor the Mighty Mites experience as needed to make the class as effective a personal development tool as possible for every single student.

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