Tap Cancer Out, Individual Results

Just wanted to let you all know how unbelievably proud I am of our team today. Everyone left it all out there on the mats and their performances reflected their hard work in training. Congratulations to everyone who competed. You guys killed it out there! Keep moving forward and working hard. Thank you to all of our coaches who put their hearts into teaching and running great programs!

Dennis Norton 1st place Brown Belt
Dan Fazzino 1st place Brown Belt
Christopher W. Przymylski 1st place Blue Belt
Brendan Cullen 1st place Blue Belt (16 years old & fought in men’s lightweight)
Marc Cerrone 1st place Blue Belt
Aaron Harris 1st place White Belt
Michael Varley 2nd place Brown belt
Art Lee 3rd place Brown Belt
Alexander Brandt 3rd place White belt
Jeremy Shanker had 5 fights winning 3 of them, Julie Manasse had some great matches in her division and so did Nick Kuchis.

Logan Smith 1st place
David Tecchio 1st place
Tj Mauro 1st place
Charles Przymylski 1st place
Sam Przymylski 1st place
Nicholas York 2nd place
Gunnar Smith 3rd place
Landon Varley 3rd place

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